WTF is Moving Back Home!


We are very pleased to announce that WTF Are You Reading is moving back to its original home!

Beauty in Ruins

Breaking the feature out to its own blog allowed us some much-needed breathing room to assemble the team, experiment with social media, and really establish our identity. It was a great experience, and one that allowed us to truly collaborate on the theme.

Now that things are running smoothly, we felt it was time to return home, seize the moment, and maximize the audience already established . . . while growing it with fellow freaks and perverts, of course!

It will still be the same team posting (there are 4 of us reviewing currently, but we're always open to more!) and still the same blend of Weird, Taboo, and Forbidden fiction that's so very NSFW.

Please follow us to keep indulging in our collective dark side!

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