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We are very pleased to announce that WTF Are You Reading is moving back to its original home!

Beauty in Ruins

Breaking the feature out to its own blog allowed us some much-needed breathing room to assemble the team, experiment with social media, and really establish our identity. It was a great experience, and one that allowed us to truly collaborate on the theme.

Now that things are running smoothly, we felt it was time to return home, seize the moment, and maximize the audience already established . . . while growing it with fellow freaks and perverts, of course!

It will still be the same team posting (there are 4 of us reviewing currently, but we're always open to more!) and still the same blend of Weird, Taboo, and Forbidden fiction that's so very NSFW.

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Heaven's Brides by Jessica Mandella

Television MegaChurch Pastor Max Johnson has a big problem with the little lady. Most husbands would hire a private investigator and a top divorce attorney. Max would lose his sponsors. The Good Conscience Independent Bible Church is a business, so the IRS can’t tell him what to preach. The sponsors, that’s another story. Firebrand Steakhouse and Patriot Ammo are two of the biggest chains in the nation. Their customers would boycott over the pastor encouraging his wife’s ongoing affair with a woman. Max is on his own for this one, spying on his wife in this dark, crowded club. Dressed as a heavy metal guitarist in a long blonde wig, he doesn’t look like a preacher.

Waking up, Max remembers seeing lightning all over the club walls, then seeing Jesus. Somebody spiked his drink with ecstasy, and he died for fourteen minutes. It seemed like an eternity, as he got his assignment from the Lord. Max put up a big rainbow sign on the church and signed new gay friendly sponsors. He’s scheduled t…

All Wrapped Up edited by Elizabeth Hyder

Tentacles are a taboo subject for most, something most people look at from between their fingers as they hide. But for a growing number of people, it's a subject that is fascinating and sexy! 

Tentacle erotica has been around for ages, from The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife to Demon Beast Invasion—it's a genre that is here to stay. 

All Wrapped Up explores this genre through the lens of gay erotic romance, offering four science-fiction and fantasy stories featuring tentacled heroes in all their wiggly glory. 

Tentacle erotica. It is amazing how much power two little words (just seven syllables) can hold over our imaginations, immediately and indelibly painting a picture so vivid, we can almost feel the flexible appendages creeping slowly up our legs. Originating in Japan, it has been a long-standing fixture of hentai there for more than twenty years, but has only recently begun to creep (pun intended) out of the realm of Cthulhu-inspired horror and into Western erotica.

It i…

Dungeons & Drag Queens by MP Johnson

What happens when a small town drag queen gets sucked into a realm of sword and sorcery and forced to do much more than lip-sync for her life?

After a weird wizard transports Sleazella LaRuse to the realm of Houmak, Green Bay's number one diva must battle to save her life and protect the lip-syncing, potty-mouthed persona she's worked so hard to cultivate. Will her bones be devoured by the gnawing nipple-mouths of slavwolves or crushed by the brutal Blada Femma? Worse yet, will she find love amongst the scum sailors and slopulating sky serpents? Will she win this glamorous game of thrones? The answer is clear in the most fierce and fabulous fantasy epic ever.

With a title like Dungeons & Drag Queens and a cover like that - seriously, blow it up and gaze in wonder at the detail! - there was no way I could possibly resist giving this a read, even if I was not already a fan of MP Johnson.

Much to my delight, this worked as a clever bit of Bizarro fun, a solid fantasy story, an…

The Firm Girls by Elizabeth Ravenswood

Samantha Layne is a young lawyer who'll do anything to impress the partners at her all-female firm, where pantyhose are mandatory and special late night meetings are a daily occurrence. When she finally makes partner, she discovers a shocking secret about her firm. 

The partners are all futanari, and now she is too! 

With her newfound interests and abilities, she'll discover pleasures she never dreamed of, starting with the silky legs of her coworkers and her stripper roommate.

"to be a good lawyer you [have] to think like a woman and fuck people like a man"The Firm Girls is the story of Samantha Layne, a young lawyer from a lesbian law firm, with a lesbian roommate, whose first big case involves a lesbian leader of the Satanic Sisterhood of San Francisco, who is suing to place an erotic lesbian monument next to a Nativity Scene on city property. Oh, and it turns out the lesbian law firm has a hard, throbbing secret, one given to them by their long-term client.

With all…

Fifty Shades of Hell: An Extreme Horror Story by Tim Miller

WARNING: An Extreme Horror story. Not intended for sensitive audiences

Bruce and Karen have finally purchased their dream house, or so they thought. Plagued by visits from the ghost of the beautiful Melissa, Bruce is captivated and can’t stop slipping into the attic to see her. Soon Bruce becomes entangled in Melissa’s web of ecstasy and agony.

When Karen sets out to rescue her husband from Melissa’s grasp, she brings in a psychic and a team of ghost hunters to help her save her husband. The only question is, does he even want to be set free from the grip of the Dead Girl in this tale where Fifty Shades meets Hellraiser?

The cover blurb calls this "Fifty Shades meets Hellraiser," which is an apt description. It has all the sadomasochistic erotica of the latter, and all the narrative flair and literary depth of the former. Fifty Shades of Hell is dark, cruel, violent, erotic, and disgusting, but it's a visceral experience that ultimately feels empty.

Tim Miller does some exc…

Middlesex: Powerfully Embodying PanGender by Jessica Mandella

Is there life before the afterlife? As an ultra-geeked-out hermaphrodite researching my kind, I’ve downloaded so much from heaven’s library! Middlesex persons are more common than science has taught. My rainbow church embraces them.

For centuries it was a naughty secret. Husbands embraced their wives’ extra features in silence. Once America imported the Nazi medical science, fashions became less modest, especially in swimming apparel.

How many Middlesex babies perished? How many were experiments like me? Born Middlesex, they closed me up and sent me home as a ‘normal’ boy. Each time I acted like a sissy, Dad gave me shock treatment and typed up a report.

The Human Servo-Adaptability Gene lets our minds control the body’s development.
Since reading the research, my body has reacted to this truth. My ovaries are no longer dormant. I’m Middlesex. My best friend Colonel Karl flew us up to this secret base. My wife can’t handle my boobs. I’m a single futa hottie now, with growing super powers…